Superannuation (pension scheme), Injury benefits, Sick pay

NHS Superannuation
The scheme provides excellent benefits:-

During your employment you are entitled to:

Tax relief at your highest rate on your standard 6% (of pensionable income) contribution. With a maximum contribution level of 15%.
Contributions from the Dept of Health towards your scheme and retirement benefits.
Life insurance cover of 2x your annual pensionable income at the time of death.
Enhanced redundancy benefit
An inflation proofed ill-health retirement pension.
An inflation proofed children’s allowance.
An inflation proofed widows/widowers pension.
Flexible retirement between age 50 (55 from 6/4/2010) and 70
Options to improve retirement benefits
On retirement you are entitled to:-
An inflation proofed retirement pension based upon 1/80th of pensionable income at retirement for each year of membership in the scheme. The maximum benefit attainable is a 50% pension based on 40 years service, which has to be completed by age 60.
A tax-free lump sum at retirement of 3x pension income in retirement.
An inflation proofed survivor/survivor’s pension

Note: Practitioners not directly employed by the NHS have their pension entitlement calculated on a revalued lifetime earnings basis.


NHS Injury Benefit Scheme
This scheme forms part of the terms and conditions of NHS employment and has three types of benefit:

              Temporary Injury Allowance (TIA)
              Permanent Injury Benefit (PIB)
              Death Benefit

The purpose of the scheme is to guarantee a certain level of income to an employee who suffers from a temporary or permanent loss of earnings resulting from an injury or disease, wholly or mainly attributable to your NHS employment duties, or death caused by, or hastened by, your NHS duties.

Eligibility, benefits and percentages are varied and assessable.


NHS Sick Pay Benefits Scheme
This provides a guaranteed sick leave income entitlement depending upon the length of service with the NHS:

Year 1
one month on full pay and two months on half pay.
Year 2
two month on full pay and two months on half pay.
Year 3
four month on full pay and four months on half pay
Year 4
Five month on full pay and five months on half pay.
Year 5 and thereafter
Six month on full pay and six months on half pay.



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